WPNG Events

As a member of WPNG you have different ways of meeting other English-speaking professional women:

Our monthly meetings and our workshops are here to support your growth and focus on 4 themes:
Take charge of your career ! Expand your network ! Develop your skills ! Enrich your life!

Our Winter and Summer Social Events give you the chance to enjoy a relaxed evening of fun and networking.

Develop the art of introducing yourself to expand your network

A unique chance to polish up your networking skills with WPNG!

Thursday 05th February

 Introducing yourself to other professionals can be challenging.

What should I say? How should I say it? …

It’s much easier than you think!

All you need are a few tips, a little practice and the useful feedback of your friends at WPNG.

 Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and make sure you’re there on

Thursday 05th February, at 7pm, KPMG, Vaise


Turn your passion into a business!

Turn your passion into a business! Take charge of your career in 2015!  Thursday 08th January

What better way of kicking off 2015 together than getting some Business Inspiration from two Anglophone women entrepreneurs!

On Thursday 08th January, you’ll meet our two guests Vanessa de Haas and Julia Barnes, who opened their yoga studio in Lyon, four years ago. They have kindly agreed to come and share their experience with us.

The session will be a round table where we’ll explore 3 main themes: turning your business idea into reality, turning your passion into a business, cultivating balance between work and the rest of your life.

There will be time for Questions & Answers and even time for a relaxing breathing exercise!

So don’t miss this opportunity to get inspired and revitalised for a great year ahead!

Thursday 08th January, at 7pm to 9.30pm, KPMG Vaise

Registration for our Winter Social Event on Thu 11th December now Open!!

Let’s spice up the end the year together  and enjoy a great evening of Thai food, fun and networking!

Where : Restaurant Ban Thaï

34, rue Ferrandière  69002 Lyon

Métro Bellecour ou Cordeliers

When  : Thursday 11th December 2014, from 7.30pm

Please sign up

only 25 euros for Members. 30 euros for NON members


Apéritif : cocktail Ban Thaï

Starter : Soup (Tom Kha Kai), Salad Ban Thai and Nems (pork or vegetables)

Main dishes: Duck curry, grilled beef “à la sauce basilic”,sweet sour pork with Cantonese rice and pad thai (all of these dishes to be shared)

Dessert : mango and passion sorbet

Jasmin tea


Should you be vegetarian, please do let us know in advance! Thank you

2014-2015 season Calendar

Please make sure that you book the following dates in your agendas for WPNG monthly meetings:

  • December 11th – Winter Social Event
  • January  8th
  • February 5th
  • March 5th
  • April 9th
  • May 7th
  • Summer Social Event – tbd

Save the date: Workshop on Sat 06th December 2014 from 9am to 1pm

Standards, Perceptions and Choices for Greater Performance – Saturday 6th December

Performance is just as difficult to define as it is to achieve. True or False? Right or Wrong?

The answer depends on who is setting the rules and how you decide to play the game.

Whether you’re playing solo or in a team, performance generally rhymes with pressure.

Come to WPNG’s first subsidized workshop and learn how to shed the pressure and lay your claim to greater performance by acknowledging who and what you ARE rather than who and what you SHOULD BE.

  1. Camet-Lassalle, professional football and rugby team sports manager and trainer will show you how pressure can be reduced by adopting the appropriate mindset.
  2. Elias, intercultural communication and management consultant and trainer, will place you centre stage and prompt you to combine improved self-awareness and collaborative goal building to become a prized performer.

Registrations and payment mandatory before 28th November 2014 on DoAttend under the following link.