WPNG Events

As a member of WPNG you have different ways of meeting other English-speaking professional women:

Our monthly meetings and our workshops are here to support your growth and focus on 4 themes:
Take charge of your career ! Expand your network ! Develop your skills ! Enrich your life!

Our Winter and Summer Social Events give you the chance to enjoy a relaxed evening of fun and networking.

WPNG Summer Social Event and Raffle in support of Nepal on Thu 11th June!



It will be your  last opportunity before the summer to gather,socialise and network with other members and guests.

The Summer Social will take place on Bateau Bellona, just opposite the new Musée des Confluences! To book your ticket, click here!

WPNG will host a Raffle in support of the people of Nepal, following the recent devastating earthquake. The proceeds of the Raffle will go to UNICEF.

You can secure a set of 10,20,30 tickets to sell to your family, friends, colleagues… by sending an email to  A ticket is 5 euros.

The first prize announced is a week end accommodation for 2 adults+2 children in Tignes ski resort (ski passes not included).

If you can think of a 2nd and 3rd sponsored prize, please get in touch,!




Meet WWNG, the professional women network based in Grenoble

Thursday 07th May 

Come and learn about our sister network in Rhône Alpes, WWNG (Working Women’s Network Grenoble).
3 members from WWNG are coming especially to Lyon to meet us, share information about their organisation and share their vision.

This is a great opportunity to get new ideas and new perspectives to expand your network and develop your career!

Thursday 07th May, 7pm to 9.30pm, KPMG, 51 rue de St Cyr, 69009 Lyon (Métro Gare de Vaise)





Get inspired and learn about a new multicultural venture in Lyon

Thursday 09th April

Exploring new work opportunities, launching  a new multicultural venture that counts for you, contributing to the area where you live with your work…

These are the topics that our guest speaker, Bertrand Cheze, will discuss with us, as he is opening a bilingual Montessori “little maternelle” in Confluence next September.

Come and join us for an inspiring evening  : Thursday 09th April, 7pm to 9.30pm, KPMG, 51 rue de St Cyr, 69009 Lyon (Métro Gare de Vaise)

The Power of Teams with Miriam Y.Lacey, Ph.D.

Thursday 05th March

WPNG is happy to welcome again Dr Miriam Y.Lacey, Professor of Executive programs at Graziado School of Business at Pepperdine University.

As an authority on organisation behaviour and development, who works with Fortune 500 companies, Dr Lacey will share with us her expertise about The Power of Teams :

* Learn the important elements for team success – when and how teams work best.

* Consider how to build teams for high performance and avoid common traps. Examine team members roles ranging from leadership to followership.

* Understand why company wide change often depends on teams.

Thursday 05th March, 7pm to 9.30pm, KPMG, 51 rue de St Cyr, 69009 Lyon (Métro Gare de Vaise)

Develop the art of introducing yourself to expand your network

A unique chance to polish up your networking skills with WPNG!

Thursday 05th February

 Introducing yourself to other professionals can be challenging.

What should I say? How should I say it? …

It’s much easier than you think!

All you need are a few tips, a little practice and the useful feedback of your friends at WPNG.

 Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and make sure you’re there on

Thursday 05th February, at 7pm, KPMG, Vaise

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