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Letter from the president #6

Only two more monthly meetings left and one of them is the social event. Wow, doesn’t time fly!

First a quick step back in time…

You may recall that the WPNG co-sponsored an event in Lyon Friday March 30 entitled “Why is it hard for us to find the good? …in people, learning and life”. More than 80 people registered and attended. The topic dealt with parental frustration with children of all temperaments and the importance of listening, observing your child but most importantly shared handy hints on how to give much needed positive feedback to children. The WPNG was very proud to be involved in promoting 3 of its member’s activities; star presenters Claire Blondel and Evie Rosset and conference organiser Rajâa Johnson and would be very interested in hearing about other initiatives and members’ community involvement. For more details about the talk, please get in touch with Claire, Evie and Rajâa directly.

April meeting – Bouillet chocolate

It comes as no secret that everyone loves chocolate and according to your feedback the topic was unreservedly GOOD. We learnt that 67% of the attendees consulted the website before coming to the meeting, so some people made the comment that the presentation was in French and not in English. A quick mention of this fact on the website would have avoided your surprise and some of your comments.

Basically, we underestimated the difficulty in providing a timely translation of his presentation and this detracted a bit from the passion and the generosity of the speaker, Sebastian Bouillet. Our apologies to the speaker coupled with a most delighted thanks for all the chocolates!

This just shows how useful it is for you to fill in the feedback forms, because we are learning a lot from them.

Looking ahead again, what have we got in store for you?

Our May meeting (15 May,2012) will please all the members who missed the opportunity to hear what Sara Righenzi, WPNG member and KPMG partner, presented at the Women Business Tour last November. Sara will be joined by Rachael Hughes, CEO of Doméos.  Rachael is a dynamic business woman who has previously opened a business venture in Latin America and is now busy running the European operation of the business HomeServe from France. Karin Trivière will join us and moderate the debate and hopefully be able to share some insight into the European aspect of women in business.  Read more here

Diary item

Mark your calendars right now for the end of season June Summer Social, Tuesday 12 June – venue to be advised at our May meeting.

Let me end this letter with an invitation,

an invitation to participate in putting together next year’s program, we still need YOU to come forward, yes YOU!

Fresh ideas, fresh blood, enthusiasm and direction are what a program manager can bring to the WPNG. We know that most of you also belong to other groups and sometimes say “Hey, that was a good speaker or topic, I bet the WPNG membership would enjoy this too”. Whether you are new to the area or a long ’suffering’ member, join us and shape the future of the WPNG J

Finally, is there a professional web manager out there? We need someone like you to take charge of our website. Don’t be shy…

Remember, the WPNG needs YOU!

Kristina Ashton  – President

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