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May 2012 meeting : Women in the Workplace

Tuesday 15th May, from 7PM at KPMG, Vaise

Enjoyed the run-up to Easter with the wine and chocolate tasting? Great!Now, let’s move up a gear.

Join us for a high level business topic, one which concerns us all!

Women in the workplace – three senior professional women will give you their vision.

The speakers:

Back in November 2011 KPMG sponsored the Women business tour at which Sara Righenzi, KPMG partner and WPNG member, presented the initiatives put in place to encourage women to progress within the firm. The message is larger than that and KPMG has a positive message to convey of what they have put in place for their workforce, men or women. Sara will share these initiatives with us and expand on what a large multinational company can put in place for their employees to encourage women to progress in the firm and how to accommodate men and women when it comes to juggling parenthood and career.

Earlier this year Rachael Hughes, CEO of Doméo France, gave a short briefing at FIBA on the creation of HomeServe (UK parent company), its expansion and the joint venture creation of Doméo with Véolia here in France. Rachael will have an interesting view on how she as a woman foreign executive manages her team here in France and her view on work relations in general. How does this compare to other countries where Rachel has set up businesses.

Karin Trivière is EPWN community manager and also increasingly involved in the International school CSI in Gerland. Karin has graciously agreed to assist us by monitoring the speakers and fielding the questions from the floor. Karin works with French female executives and performs the role of community manager for a European network of business women. She will add her perception of the cultural differences between women managers and other European trends.

Finally, please do not forget to bring a healthy or homemade snack, and/or drink, to share with other WPNG members during the first hour of the meeting leading to the main panel discussion.

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