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WPNG sponsoring conference on March 30th

“WPNG is sponsoring a conference on March 30th: Why it is hard for us to find the good? … in people, learning and life.”

Why is WPNG sponsoring this conference?
… Because over 50% of the speakers are WPNG members, of course!

Organiser and WPNG member Rajâa Johnson, WPNG members and conference speakers Evie Rosset and Claire Blondel will together with Morgan Radford participate in a panel discussion: three speakers with different but overlapping backgrounds will discuss and exchange on positive approaches to education, relationships, and other areas in our lives.
The conference in English is FREE and followed by drinks (payable) at the B7 bar (2 min from the conference) to continue the discussion.

WHEN: Friday 30th March 7:30pm (duration 2hrs)
WHERE: Salle Ravier, 7 rue Ravier, Lyon 7ème (see link for map)

FULL DETAILS ON Conference leaflet HERE treasure conference_march 30th

REGISTRATION ON : Doodle: Conference: Why it is hard for us to find the good?
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