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February Meeting: An ambitious project

Tuesday 7th February 2012 – 19.00 to 21.30 at KPMG.

Parts of this presentation was performed live and recorded for future screening at the very first TEDxLyon event in November 2011. We are very pleased and honoured that the speaker is an active WPNG member. 

Parts of this biography could be you, couldn’t it? 

When she left her career she had been a Quality manager for 10 years in the industrial field, 5 of those years in post in China.

Her husband’s subsequent move to Japan brought up childcare issues, so she quit her job and got involved in her daughters’ school: PTA president, substitute teacher and formal teacher in a 3-6 years old class. 

Fortified with this experience she wanted to give more parents the opportunity to “grow” international children and when she came back to France in 2010 she worked on opening her own international school.

Her own opinion is that she has failed, but that is not true, her adventure and ambitious project is not over.

We invite you to come and meet Claire Blondel, entrepreneur and mother, and listen to her very personal story and project; it has brought to light interesting specificities in the French education system that we will all recognize to some degree.”

Join the discussion afterwards where we will focus, not on the French educational system, but what is good and can be learned from educational systems all over the world.

The WPNG membership represents over 20 nationalities and we expect the exchange to be very rich indeed!


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