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Letter from the president #3

Wow, what a night!

WPNG Winter Social evening at the tapas bar SUELTA VERDE, 13 December 2011

I wanted to say so much but muffled my speech…, well actually a lot of what I wanted to say wasn’t written down to tell you the truth…

What I should have said was:

Do you want to know what the WPNG membership really gets up to in their spare time?”

…and then go onto say…

Did you know that almost 10% of the WPNG membership was involved in the very first TEDx conference that happened in Lyon on November 10,  2011? TEDxLyon lead organizer and licensee Fatiha teamed up with co-organizers Roelien and Bieke, Marion mentored the speakers, Evie advised one of the speakers on content and one of the illustrious speakers was Claire, the welcoming team included Aurélie, Marie and Karyn.  All of whom are WPNG members, which means that ten of the most dynamic international women in Lyon is in fact one of us!

Did you know that there are another 5 people working (after hours) to make the WPNG a dynamic, fun and happening place to get together and network?

Did you know that Steering Committee members are regularly and actively promoting the WPNG in other organizations and associations, like our sister group in Grenoble the WWNG, at FIBA (Franco British International Business Association) and the up and coming LYINC Lyon International Club and many more.

Did you know that the WPNG is making a name for itself and getting queries from other associations who have heard of us and want to know more, how we function, what we do, where we meet…

Well, we do and high five to us!

Before signing off, I wanted to extend a special thank you to all you ladies who are actively spreading the word and who brought a friend to the Winter Social, because you know that together we carry the torch and spread the word of the WPNG…eh oui!

Phew, there you are! The words I should have said and the message I wanted to give on that Tuesday night, but then you were busy chatting, networking, laughing and discovering why some people can’t wear lipstick for more than 5 seconds before licking it off!

Thanks for turning up, it was fun, we’ll have to do it again someday!

Kristina Ashton, WPNG President


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