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November 2011 meeting: succession planning and owning property in France

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 – 19H00-21H30 at KPMG

All you need to know about succession planning and owning property in France.

If you own property in France, you should understand the different means of owning such property. French succession law will apply to your French property, no matter your nationality you may have. Do you know the rules about reserved beneficiaries under French law? Have you made a French will?

If France is your domicile, then French succession law will apply not only to your French property, but also to your  worldwide estate, except for real estate owned in other countries. You ignore French succession law at your peril!

These issues are vitally important for you to understand and the presentation will give you the information you need to know.

Tim Hughes is an English solicitor and avocat communautaire. He qualified in England in 1994 and moved to France in 2005, gaining admission to the Lyon Bar (Barreau de Lyon). Whilst he generally advises on French business law matters, Tim also deals with areas of the law relating to individuals, particularly the buying and selling of property in France and French succession law. Tim is the Chair of the Lyon Bar’s GB Working Group and the President of FIBA – the Franco-British International Business Association based in Lyon:  www.fibalyon.org.



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