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Letter from the president #2

What do I get out of the Women’s Professional Networking Group (or the WPNG for short)?

I am sure that you have already asked yourself why you go to the WPNG evenings and tried to answer someone who wants you to justify why you go. What do you answer?

Tip: There are many reasons for coming and each of us has their own, some may come because they are convinced of the utility of developing and maintaining a professional network, others may want to move in Anglophone circles and some of us may just need to get OUT!

There is no wrong answer. You come because you want to.

But here is the thing, like everything here in the world if we want to achieve something we have to make things work for us, we are the drivers of our destiny.

The WPNG membership is jam packed full of women with talent, women with drive, women with potential, women with jobs, women looking to change jobs and women looking for jobs! Whatever your situation or motivation you are one of these women.

You will have noticed that there is no barrier or selection procedure to join the WPNG other than that you need to be able to communicate in English; a language that unites over 120 women from over 20 countries all over the world, right here in Lyon.

Whatever your motivation, make sure that you get the maximum benefit out of your membership. Come prepared to talk and introduce yourself with a smile; this networking group must be the most non-threatening environment ever to exist. Where else can you practise walking up to a stranger and start talking on a regular basis? Where else can you find a room full of well-travelled women with an interesting story to tell? Where better to learn about new technologies like social networking or women in the work place or about happiness and choice? Nowhere!

There you are – I have answered the question.

That’s why I am part of the WPNG here in Lyon – the only Anglophone 100% female professional networking group in Lyon and no-one will get between me and the WPNG!

Kristina Ashton
WPNG President

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