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Letter from the president #1

The WPNG 10th Anniversary dinner was a success!

74 current and future members gathered at the Reine Astrid on Tuesday 14th June 2011 for an evening of sharing and fun.

At the end of the evening we had gathered more than 100 suggestions for our programme next year.

This event gathered virtually everyone who had at some point brought the association to where it is today. Co-founders Theresa Cooper-Kislik and Catherine Bassompierre shared their story of how the WPNG came to being; their differences and how they dared to step out of their comfort zone and do something they’d never done before? Past presidents spoke of their involvement and how they saw the group advancing and becoming more professional in their planning and approach.

The event was an excellent opportunity for everyone to have their opinion heard and together we brainstormed on what type of topics we would like to see for the season ahead. The post-it notes were then transcribed and you can download the file here: 2011_2012_branstorming_program_suggestions.

We have noted the huge success that the dinner brought the group – purely and simply from a networking point of view – and we have decided to turn our December meeting in to a cocktail with a theme. Watch this space!

You will find the usual professional topics for our meetings in next years program and we have also taken into account your comments of introductions: Who’s Who, Who does what, How can I help? How do the meetings work?

The September meeting will kick-off with a networking session where we will all have the opportunity to introduce ourselves in small groups. This will be lead by our very own Marion Chapsal, business coach and blogger on women in management.

Our September meeting is also very important because we will start the season with the AGM (20 minutes) and we will vote the new steering committee. To participate in the voting you will have to have paid your yearly dues of 30€ (Sept 2011 to Sept 2012), which quite a few of you have already done in anticipation. Send your cheque now or come to the meeting armed with your chequebook.

Vive la rentrée !


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